Autumn Makeup

Autumn is upon us and as we start to pull out the thin jumpers and coats, it’s autumn-beauty-colorful-fall-girl-158416interesting to keep an eye on the makeup world!

While winter is all about red, green and glitter, and in summer we love our colourful pastels, autumn is all about the nude.

What do we mean by nude?

Nude makeup is essentially warm tan colours, not just foundation and concealer, but eye shadows, lipstick and blushers, to give you an earthier feel. We sometimes need to calm down and let our faces breathe. We need to give ourselves a break from tons of black eyeliner and garish pink blusher, and this autumn is the one to try it in!

This all coincides with the colourful browns of autumn and even autumn dress.

At MAC there is a variety of eyeliners and lipsticks in various tones to differentiatemac your lips from skin without going over the top. Mac has a gorgeous deep purple lipstick to add to the palette in case you want to mix it up. The use of the purple means it can give extra life to your face, the purple stands out but then the subtlety of your natural looking makeup stands out as well, letting others see your defined nude contours are different to your warm tan eyes.

Bobbi Brown are concentrating on eyeshadows and giving us a lovely pink glow to make sure those cheek bones stand out, but not look loud, as well as a lovely pink lipstick set. You may be thinking, ‘why wear pink lip coloured lipstick?’ but the glimmer from this tone will match the eyeshadow and give you a full look.

bobbi76882_WWW_Palette_StandingAt Bare Minerals you can guarantee a fresh nude look, one thing that all these places have in common is an essential solid colour. Mac has claimed purple, Bobbi Brown pink and Bare Minerals are going blue . The use of these colours not only accentuates the fresh nude colour, but also gives a bit of variety to your dress and wardrobe.


If you want to do more for your face and complexion, this new autumn contour sculpt from Maybelline will help to define cheek bones and adds to your natural look without having to use a blusher.

The same goes for Urban Decay with their plush tones and eyeshadows. Urban cpp_NakedSmokyPalette_lDecay has always stood out as a place of colour but they know the importance of nude this autumn, and are not afraid to mix it up either. You can go for classic smoky eyes for night time. The nude look can make you look fresh and not trying too hard.

Aisha Din

Aisha is a Newcastle born gal with a love of all media. Specialising in film, TV and comic books, she also has a flare for fashion and lifestyle. Aisha writes and analyses everything she is passionate about, getting into the deeper meaning of it all. You can find her blog at and on twitter