Fashion; Autumn Layers

It can be difficult and downright annoying to predict the British weather! Some days we want to wear shorts and skirts, but find that there is a chill in the air. Other days it’s too warm for jeans but not warm enough for dresses.

Just like the winter, the autumn is about staying smart and even layering up. Take a hoody, jacket or coat with you and you won’t regret it. We have some other layering ideas that can also be flung into your bag, whatever the weather.

First things first

Check the weather!check_the_weather_iphone_hero

It’s not enough to just check the temperature. It may be 20 degrees outside, but if the humidity is at 30%, you can guarantee it will be jeans and t-shirts. On the flipside if it’s 20 degrees with humidity at 60-90%, it is most definitely shorts, vest-tops and a hand fan!

So just give a quick peek on your weather app to see how humid it is, and remember, if it’s 80%+, better pack a small umbrella too.

Wind per hour is also something to take into account. Wind direction isn’t as important but if the wind is any more than 14 mph, you can guarantee you’ll have hands quickly and embarrassingly pushing down your dress to stop it from flying into the air. The wind can turn chilly the faster it is, so just bring a comfortable little layer with you to protect those necks and shoulders against the cold.

The Cardigan

A cardigan is the perfect transition piece; going from day to night easier than a decent pair of flat shoes. There are a huge variety of  cardigan lengths, like this Topshop beauty, as well as designs and material, giving you the option between a thick-knitted cotton piece, like this gorgeous Aztec design from New Look for those nippy nights, or a thin nylon cardi to throw on during the day as seen at H&M.



jumpersThere are thin, loose-fitting jumpers like this one from Next that can be just as effective as cardigans and look great with a shirt collar! Jumpers now come with stylish holes and short sleeves like this Debenhams piece , for a mild autumn day; and don’t worry about being cold in the night, as a longer jumper from River Island with a coloured pair of jeans can make for less clutter in your bag.


Kimonos seem to be staying and we love it! There is no better, lighter way to enjoy the autumn and enhance your outfit than a kimono.

The best thing about a kimono is they are the most versatile and easy day to kimononight clothes that we have come across in a long time! Take this elegant piece from BHS , the long length and stunning design make it perfect for office to night wear.

If you’re looking for something waist length and bright to really celebrate the sun, this Dorothy Perkins piece is a treat!

And there is something for everyone, in all materials and sizes such as this thinner, but smart flowing piece from Evans.

Mum always says to wrap up and take an umbrella, just in case, and now there is a huge variety outside the stubborn and huge hoodies and coats that we are forever annoyingly holding because we made a mistake with the weather.

Don’t be afraid to grab a thin kimono or thicker cardi to make the most of your days. These pieces also hold up or get stuffed nicely into your bag without taking up much space!

Aisha Din

Aisha is a Newcastle born gal with a love of all media. Specialising in film, TV and comic books, she also has a flare for fashion and lifestyle. Aisha writes and analyses everything she is passionate about, getting into the deeper meaning of it all. You can find her blog at and on twitter